Developing Successful Job Application Materials Seminar Series (Spring 2019)

*This series is offered every spring semester! Check back with us at the start of Spring 2020 semester to see dates for the current academic year's seminars.

 Part I - Compiling your CV/Résumé: Monday February 25, 2:10-3:30pm, Carver 0286
 Part II - Composing the Cover Letter: Tuesday February 26, 1:10-2:30pm, Food Science 2432
 Part III - Writing the Research Statement: Wednesday February 27, 3:10-4:30pm, Pearson 2157
 Part IV - Crafting your Teaching Philosophy Statement: Monday March 4, 2:10-3:30pm, Carver 0286
 Part V - Creating your Diversity Statement: Tuesday March 5, 2:10-3:30pm, Carver 0286
 Part VI - Building a Professional Network: Wednesday March 6, 2:10-3:30pm, Science 0102
 Part VII - Preparing for the Interview: Thursday March 7, 3:45-5:15pm, Pearson 1115