2024 New Templates

The Graduate College provides four distinct thesis/dissertation templates. Please watch the Choosing a Thesis/Dissertation Template video for guidance on selecting the correct template. It is important to note that the templates cannot be combined--for instance, a Traditional thesis/dissertation cannot include any journal article chapters.

Traditional Thesis/Dissertation Template

The Traditional template is primarily for theses and dissertations consisting of a single, unpublished project presented across multiple chapters. Traditional theses/dissertations cannot include any chapters that have been published as standalone journal articles. 

Journal Article Thesis/Dissertation Template

The Journal Article template is for theses and dissertations that contain one or more chapters that have been, or are formatted to be, published as standalone journal articles. The Journal Article Thesis - Single Article Template is for theses that consist solely of a single journal article, without GENERAL INTRODUCTION or GENERAL CONCLUSIONS chapters.

Fine Arts/Nontraditional Thesis Template

The Fine Arts/Nontraditional Thesis template is for scholarship that does not adhere to conventional research formats. Examples include novels, plays, poetry collections, and conceptual design projects.

LaTeX Thesis/Dissertation Templates

LaTeX versions of the Traditional template and the Journal Article template area also provided.