Disciplinary Writing

Understand how scholars in your field develop content or subject matter in ways that meet the expectations of your disciplinary community and understand the organization, communicative goals, and writing strategies of your research genre.

Interdisciplinary Writing

Articulate the significance of research topics to field while critically evaluating literature and integrating sources to situate your unique research topic within the literature in the field.

English Writing

Identify English writing difficulties, understand your own needs for language improvement, and discuss writing issues in a culturally sensitive environment.

Thesis/Dissertation Writing

Plan, write, revise, or format your thesis/dissertation in line with the ISU Graduate College's thesis/dissertation submission requirements and deadlines.

Nationally Competitive Awards

Prepare proposals for various national programs, such as the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, the National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship, the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program, and more!

Non-Disclosure Agreements

To ensure the confidentiality of all graduate students and postdoc writers, all CCE consultants sign non-disclosure agreements agreeing to keep private all information and results they view in a consultation.