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Success Stories

Erika Ibarra-Garibay Receives Prestigious Research Fellowship

Erika Ibarra-Garibay, a doctoral student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, was awarded the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research Fellowship. The fellowship involves a three-year program that provides doctoral students studying food and agriculture sciences with training, professional development, and opportunities to engage with industry and government leaders. Erika stands as one of the first Iowa State students to receive this distinguished fellowship. With this fellowship, Erika will aim to uncover the relationship between bee health and modern farming methods. Erika thanks Ella, Amy, and Chris for helping her craft her statement of interest for the fellowship:

“The CCE team was incredibly supportive and provided invaluable guidance throughout the entire process. Their input significantly bolstered my narrative, instilling in me the confidence that my statement of purpose was already strong, requiring only the added touch of brilliance."  Read More