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Success Stories

Tim Kochem Awarded Doctoral Dissertation Grant 

Tim Kochem, doctoral candidate in Applied Linguistics and Technology, was awarded a doctoral dissertation grant from The International Research Foundation for English Language Education. Tim, one of fifteen international recipients, received the award for his project "Second Language Teacher Cognition Development in an Online English Pronunciation Pedagogy Course: A Quasi-Experimental Study." To put together his grant proposal, Tim worked with his faculty mentor and major professor, Dr. John Levis, and with CCE Consultant Kristin Terrill.

"While Dr. Levis and I were able to put together a very good draft of the grant proposal, we're both pronunciation researchers, so we have a lot of background knowledge that may have been implied in the proposal without being explicitly stated. Having Kristin as an outside reader, who's also a trained consultant in competitive awards writing, was invaluable."  Read More

Amber Baughman Won GPSS Competition

Amber Baughman, a recent Master’s degree graduate in Nutritional Sciences, won the Iowa State Graduate and Professional Student Senate Research Conference competition. Amber, one of three winners, gave a 10-minute oral presentation titled “Comparing the Effectiveness of a SNAP Simulation Given to Dietetics Students in the Classroom versus on the Computer.” While working on the presentation, Amber consulted with CCE Writing Consultants Kelsey Fisher and Kristin Terrill. Read More

Emmanuel Nsamba Offered Postdoctoral Fellowship 

Emmanuel Nsamba, doctoral candidate in Genetics and Genomics, has become the first Standford Postdoctoral Recruitment Initiative in Science and Medicine award recipient from ISU to be offered a Postdoctoral Fellowship position at Stanford University. PRISM aims at increasing the representation of scholars from minority backgrounds in the sciences and medical disciplines and targets students seeking careers in academia. Read More