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Success Stories

Wei Chen Awarded Brown Graduate Fellowship

Wei Chen, a Ph.D. candidate majoring in Geology and Environmental Science, was recently honored with the 2023-2024 Brown Graduate Fellowship. Wei's outstanding credentials have positioned her as one of six students from the entire university who are being honored with this prestigious award. Throughout the application process, Wei received invaluable guidance from Kristin Terrill, the Nationally Competitive Awards Writing Consultant in the CCE:

“Over the past four years, Kristin and I have collaborated on four national competitive fellowship proposals and numerous personal statements for scholarship and award applications. I consider myself fortunate to have had Kristin as my consultant in my Ph.D. journey in the U.S." Read More

Daniel Moraes Funded for Two Grant Proposals

Daniel Moraes, a Ph.D. student in Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine, received funding for two grant proposals he submitted with his fellow Field Epidemiology teammates at Iowa State University. One proposal was granted by the Wean-to-Harvest Biosecurity Program and a second was funded by the American Association of Swine Veterinarians. Daniel consulted with two consultants from the CCE, Kristin and Agata, while drafting the proposals. Read More

Angelos Lagoudakis Wins Science Communication Scholarship  

Angelos Lagoudakis, Ph.D. student in Economics, was recently awarded the 2022 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Science Communication Scholarship. Angelos conducts research focusing on food and health economics and consumer and producer behavior. Angelos was enrolled in the course Communications in Science (GR ST 566), taught by Dr. Sarah Huffman of the CCE, at the time he received the scholarship. Read More