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Graduate Student Success Story:

Taichi Yamashita Receives Acceptance of Journal Article for Publication

Taichi Yamashita is a doctoral student majoring in Applied Linguistics and Technology in the Department of English at Iowa State University. Taichi recently had his manuscript accepted by the prominent disciplinary journal Computer Assisted Language Learning, a journal that aims to disseminate research regarding the use of computers in language learning, teaching, and testing. Taichi’s paper contributes to the field by reporting his research on the comparative effects of different feedback on the development of a second language. In the process of revising the manuscript, he gained considerable support from Liberato, a CCE English Writing Consultant. Taichi says:


Liberato provided me with comprehensive feedback on my paper. In particular, the consultations helped me to clarify my thoughts and organize research procedures/findings in a more digestible way for readers. What I liked about the consultations is that the consultant was not directive at all. Rather, he was very dialogic, and we deliberated things together. I believe that the CCE is a great resource for graduate students who are struggling with any stage of working on academic papers.


Resource of the Month


Data Science Central: The online resource for big data practitioners 

Access innovative technology and tools and stay up to date with the latest trends and industry job openings listed by Data Science Central, an incredibly valuable online resource for big data practitioners. This community connects and provides support to industry professionals working with big data. Sign up for upcoming webinars and access readily available resources from the Data Science Central homepage


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