Make an Appointment
with a National Competitive Awards Writing Consultant

Are you seeking funding for research or field study? Get one-on-one advice from Laura Good ( contact Anne or Grevstad-Nordbrock (, and individual feedback on your application documents from Kristin Terrill (

The National Competitive Awards Writing Consultant assists students in preparing proposals for various national programs, such as:

  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (due late October)
  • National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship (due October/November)
  • Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (due early November)
  • AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship (due mid-November)
  • Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (due late January)

The consultant's responsibilities include: 

  • Conducting one-on-one writing consultations with graduate and undergraduate students by appointment and during walk-in hours
  • Facilitating writing groups and workshops on the development of writing for fellowship, scholarship, internship, and grant applications
  • Promoting award opportunities and assisting with the recruitment of suitable candidates
  • Collaborating with campus partners in the University Honors and Nationally Competitive Awards Program and the Study Abroad Center who support undergraduate candidates to nationally competitive awards
  • Assisting with data collection and analysis to identify trends, successes, and areas in need of improvement
  • Assisting in the development of resources for grant/funding proposal communication
  • Connecting potential applicants with existing ISU and external resources to enhance their odds of proposal acceptance
  • Serving as an ambassador for students as they navigate writing and scholarship expectations
  • Managing social media and create marketing materials to generating student interest
  • Joining the National Association of Fellowships Advisers (NAFA) and learning how to better support students.