AcComP Certification Track

AcComP (Academic Communication Practices) is a graduate success track focused on continued academic communication support for graduate students to help them build capacity in the area of preparing high quality dissertations, theses, and creative components.

AcComP aims to engage students with diverse opportunities for academic writing and speaking practice and improvement from the start to the end of their graduate program. Tailored to the type of graduate degree sought by students (master’s or doctoral), this longitudinal support program aligns with the stages of student progression toward their degree, mapping the CCE’s specialized services with the requirements specified by the Graduate College.

AcComP Certification path involves registering for one or more courses:

  • Register for a one-credit course during the first or second semester of graduate school; then register for subsequent credit bearing courses throughout students' program completion
  • Continuously engage with various forms of communication support recommended on a schedule that aligns with different stages of their degree program
  • Benefit from formative reviews before submitting documents or artifacts required by their degree program at different stages
  • Benefit from final writing and formatting reviews before submitting the thesis or dissertation
  • Receive AcComP Certificate upon completion.

More information about the levels of AcComP Certification and details about how to participate are outlined on our AcComP Participation page.