Research Writing OERs for Faculty

The Center for Communication Excellence (CCE) has been awarded an Affordable Course Materials Jumpstart Initiatives grant “Sustainable Open Educational Resource (OER) and AI-Based Infrastructure for Research Writing" to spread the word to faculty about invaluable research writing-related resources we have developed, tested, and refined. These OERs assist research writers in improving their abilities to write up their research in ways that are clear, argument-driven, and in line with the expectations of writing in their disciplines.

  1. The Research Writing Tutor, an AI technology that supplies critical, constructive feedback on drafts of students’ research articles based on a cross-comparison with published research articles in their disciplines.
  2. Preparing to Publish, an open-access e-guide that provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to write up research for publication.

Want to learn more?

In Spring 2024 semester, the CCE will be hosting a series of lunches and focus groups for faculty to learn more about this project and how instructors can benefit from these innovative OERs. Sign Up to Learn More

Read CELT 2023 Teaching Brief: Huffman, S. Expanding access to impactful instructional materials on research writing for graduate students.