Thesis & Creative Component Progress Roadmap

Master's degree students are expected to complete a number of requirements as they move from one milestone to the next. This interactive infographic represents the Thesis & Creative Component Progress Roadmap designed to help students:

  • Plan each stage of their progress towards the Master's degree according to the requirements and deadlines established by the Graduate College
  • Determine what types of academic communication support they can receive from the Center for Communication Excellence to successfully accomplish their academic goals at each stage leading to their Thesis or Creative Component defense

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How to read the infographic


    • The upper part outlines the stages from beginnig to completion of a Master's degree program.
    • The middle part shows the types of documents that students typically need to produce and have reviewed, and icons representing the different forms of communication support offered to students working on those documents.
    • The lower part shows Graduate College requirements, with the deadlines given below each enboxed requirement.