Provides one-on-one consultations with highly-trained peer mentors serving as:
- Disciplinary writing consultants
- Interdisciplinary writing consultants
- Postdoc writing consultant
- National Competitive Awards writing consultant
Provides expert-facilitated critical review, offering:
- Constructive peer feedback on academic texts
- Supportive and productive peer community
- Enhanced accountability and motivation to make writing progress
Provides high, medium, and low engagement activities and events, including:
- Credit-bearing academic writing courses
- Seminar series on written and oral communication
- Needs-based workshops
- Invited outreach presentations
Provides one-on-one and group assistance in preparing theses and dissertations in the form of:
- Thesis/dissertation writing consultations
- Document formatting checks
- Thesis/dissertation bootcamps
- Thesis/dissertation writing retreats
Provides individual tutoring and practice for the development of English language skills through:
- English writing consultations
- English speaking consultations
- English peer speaking practice groups
Prepares and certifies international graduate students as teaching assistants through:
- The Oral English Certification Test (OECT), the institutional assessment of prospective
   international teaching assistants
- Language proficiency-based courses in oral communication (English 180)
Provides one-on-one and group assistance in preparing for goal-oriented discussions and interactions in the form of:
- Interpersonal communication consultations
- Interpersonal communication seminars