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Disciplinary/Interdisciplinary Writing Consultant

Writing Consultants consult one-on-one with students from specific disciplines and across disciplines, focusing on different academic and professional genres, including research proposals, conference abstracts, posters, etc.

Thesis and Dissertation Consultant

Thesis/dissertation Consultants help graduate students across the disciplines plan, write, revise, and format their documents to prepare them for submission to ProQuest.

English Speaking Consultant

English Speaking Consultants consult one-on one with students, focusing on oral communication and presentation skills, and also facilitate Peer Speaking Practice Groups that provide extended speaking practice opportunities.

English Writing Consultant

English Writing Consultants consult one-on one with students focusing on improving English writing skills and understanding cross-cultural differences across disciplines.

Interpersonal Communication Consultant

Interpersonal Communication Consultants consult one-on-one with students to provide strategies for effective interpersonal communication in different personal and professional settings.

Oral English Certification Test Rater

OECT raters evaluate international teaching assistants' (ITAs) oral communication skills during the institutional test that consists of an oral proficiency interview and a teach simulation.