Writing Accountability Groups - Working Model


What are Writing Accountability Groups?

Writing Accountability Groups (WAGs) are a means for advanced academic writers to foster productive writing habits in an environment that holds them accountable to their self-declared writing goals over a specified period of time. Each WAG consists of approximately 5-8 graduate students from across the disciplines who meet once a week to perform goal check-ins with their peers and take advantage of a dedicated, shared quite time to work towards their stated goals. WAGs meet weekly and last for approximately one and a half to two hours per session. Weekly meeting times are determined by applicants’ indicated availability at the start of the semester and set by the WAG facilitator.

Why should I join a Writing Accountability Group?

WAGs provide a unique opportunity for graduate students to make substantial progress towards their writing goals in a supportive peer environment. The weekly sessions help students hold themselves (and their peers) accountable to the goals they have set for their own writing. Because the groups are populated with other graduate students, participants are able to share their concerns about their work, deadlines, or progress with peers who can sympathize with and provide support to other members.

How can I join a Writing Accountability Group?

Writing Accountability Groups (WAGs) are organized at the start of each semester. Look for the applications at the top of this page and our Writing Accountability Model page! If you are interested in joining a WAG after the application deadline has passed, contact the WAG facilitator at cnutt@iastate.edu to be put on a waitlist for the coming semester or, if possible, be added to a current semester’s group.