Fall 2021 Writing Accountability Groups

This Fall, we are running SIX different Writing Accountability Groups:

  1. Monday evenings | 6 - 8pm 
  2. Tuesday mornings | Alternating between 9 - 11am  & 10am - 12 pm
  3. Wednesday afternoons | 4 - 6pm
  4. Wednesday evenings | 6:30 - 8:30pm
  5. Thursday mornings | 10am - 12pm
  6. Friday afternoons | 2 - 4pm

Who can join

Writing Accountability Groups (WAGs) are open to graduate students from any department or program at ISU. To be considered for participation in a group, a student must fulfill a number of expectations, including:

  • Filling out an application: Applications are typically available at the start of each semester when groups are formed. If you are interested in joining a WAG after the application deadline has passed, contact the WAG facilitator at cnutt@iastate.edu to be put on a waitlist for the coming semester or, if possible, be added to a current semester’s group.  
  • Accepting the application: When initial placements are made, students who have been placed in a group will be informed via email. They should respond to the email to confirm their participation.
  • Attending the WAG: Once students confirm their participation, they should begin attending weekly group meetings. These meetings may take place in person or in an online format, depending on the group members’ indicated preference at the start of the semester. Students may bring to the sessions any form of academic writing (research papers, theses or dissertations, grant proposals, conference abstracts or presentations, job application materials, and more) they would like to work on in the designated time frame.

Interested in joining a WAG?

Fall WAGs are currently under way, but if you are interested in joining a WAG in Spring 2022, be sure to contact the WAG facilitator at cnutt@iastate.edu to be put on a waitlist.

For more information about how Writing Accountability Groups function, please see details on our Writing Accountability Group Model or contact the group facilitator, Chris Nuttall at cnutt@iastate.edu.