Lily Compton


    Graduate Communication Programs Coordinator, Center for Communication Excellence, Graduate College


     Office: 1137 Pearson Hall

     Email: lcompton@iastate.edu

     Phone: (515) 294-7996


Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction (major) Applied Linguistics and Technology (minor), Iowa State University

M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language, (specialization in Computer-Assisted Language Learning), Iowa State University

B.Ed. Teaching English as a Second Language, University of Southampton, UK

Research Areas

Computer-assisted language learning, online language learning and teaching, teacher education, curriculum and instructional technology


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Online course in advanced speaking for international teaching assistants. ELO course development, Engineering-LAS Development Grant. Co-PI E. Cotos (2019)

Select Conference Presentations

Santos, L., Kochem, T., Terrill, K., Compton, L., Richards, M., and Cotos, E. (upcoming 2019, September) The development of an online English speaking consultant training program: Lessons Learned. Paper presented at the annual Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT) Conference, Flagstaff, AZ. US

O'Bryan, A., Compton, L., Gutierrez, J.D., & Borges, T.F. (2019, June). Scaffolding successful MALL experiences for frontline ESL workers: an exploratory study. Paper presentation at the annual International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace, New York City, New York, US.

Compton, L., Cotos, E., Richards, M., Edalatishams, I., & Peterson, S. (2019, March). Online training of English Speaking Consultants through Canvas. Presentation at the annual TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, Atlanta, Georgia, US.

Compton, L., Cotos, E., & Terrill, K. (2019, February). Delivering ITA speaking assessment through a web-based rater platform. Paper presented at the International TA Professional Symposium, Pittsburg, Pensylvannia, US.

Compton, A. & O’Bryan, A. (2012). Framework and teaching tips for online TESL/Applied Linguistic courses. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the MIDTESOL, Ames, Iowa, US

Davis, N., Compton, L. & Mackley, J. (2009, March). Field Experience with a virtual school’s teacher: How can it be done? Brief Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), Charleston, South Carolina, US

Compton, L., Davis, N., Graham, R. & Swaharu, P. (2008). Virtual Field Experience – Observing Virtual Teaching at a Distance: A Pilot Study. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Honors and Awards

Research Excellence Award (December 2009), Iowa State University

PhD Research Assistantship (Fall 2002 – Spring 2008), Iowa State University

Leadership in Intercultural Educational Technology – International Leadership for Educational Technology (ILET) (Summer 2005), Iowa State University

Quentin Johnson Award (April 2002), Iowa State University

Teaching Excellence Award (December 2001), Iowa State University

Full Scholarship for Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (1992 – 1996), Ministry of Education, Malaysia