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Resources of the Month


CELT - Do You Know What They Know? STEM Researcher Shows How Questions Reveal Student Thinking

Friday, April 21, 12:10 p.m.
Using test answers to gauge student understanding of important concepts in undergraduate STEM courses can be misleading. How do you know your students really "got" what you were teaching? How can the format of your test questions reveal misunderstandings and teach you what the students know? 
Dr. Brian Couch, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, University Nebraska-Lincoln, will share a series of within-subjects controlled experiments showing how student responses differ in multiple-choice, multiple-true-false, or free-response formats and how to implement this research in your classroom. Refreshments will be provided by CBiRC.
2030 Morrill Hall

NCFDD - Embracing Rejection: De-Stigmatizing Submissions and Purifying Your Writing Process

Tuesday, May 30, 1:00 p.m.
This workshop-style webinar will examine ways to free ourselves from feeling trapped or stigmatized by rejection, and instead embrace rejection as an important and necessary part of the writing process. We will explore how our opinions about rejection can infiltrate the writing, submission, job and grant application processes, and develop strategies to take the bite out of rejection in our lives. Participants are encouraged to listen with a notebook at hand, as we will also discuss ways to purify the writing process, and dial down the internal editor during brainstorming and drafting, opening up access to the most creative parts of ourselves.
Online. Member access via email.

Preparing Grant Proposals

Iowa State University Grants Hub offers funder guidelines and tips as well as resources for proposal preparation and graphics.

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