Seminars and Workshops

Research Writing Seminar Series (Fall 2019)

"How can I best tell my research story? What should I include in my Methods section? How should I incorporate the sources into my literature review? Where should I address the research limitations?" Come find the answers to these and more research writing-related questions in this seminar series!  

Part I - Beginning a Scientific Argument in your Introduction: October 15th 2:10-3:30 in Marston 2155

Part II - Writing the Literature Review: October 22nd 2:10-3:30 in Marston 2155

Part III - Describing your Methods: October 24th 2:10-3:30 in Lagomarcino W0142

Part IV - Unveiling the Results: October 31st 2:10-3:30 in Lagomarcino W0142

Part V - Composing the Discussion/Conclusion: November 4th 2:10-3:30 in Agronomy 2050

Part VI - Revising Manuscripts with the Research Writing Tutor: November 6th 2:10-3:30 in Agronomy 2050


Grant Writing Seminar Series (Fall 2019)

Learn the key components necessary for making a compelling argument in your grant proposal! Also, identify appropriate sources of funding and familiarize yourself with the expectations of key, national grant-giving organizations.

Part I - Introduction to Grant Writing: The Basics Thursday November 7th 3:10-4:30 in NSRIC 1131

Part II - Preparing Grant Proposals for NSF Monday November 11th 3:10-4:30pm in Pearson 2115

Part III - Preparing Grant Proposals for NIH Thursday November 14th 2:10-3:30pm in NSRIC 1131

Part IV -Preparing Grant Proposals for USDA/NIFA Monday November 18th 3:10-4:30pm in Pearson 2115

Part V - Panel of Successful Grant Writers Tuesday November 19th 2:10pm-3pm in Pearson 2157

Part VI -Finding Funding Workshop: Thursday November 21st 2:10-3:30pm in Bessey 0210 


Developing Successful Job Application Materials Seminar Series (Spring 2019)

This series is offered every spring semester! Check back with us at the start of Spring 2020 semester to see dates for the current academic year's seminars.

Part I - Compiling your CV/Résumé: Coming soon

Part II - Composing the Cover Letter: Coming soon

Part III - Writing the Research Statement: Coming soon

Part IV - Crafting your Teaching Philosophy Statement: Coming soon

Part V - Creating your Diversity Statement: Coming soon

Part VI - Building a Professional Network: Coming soon

Part VII - Preparing for the Interview: Coming soon