Spring 2020

Thesis/Dissertation Boot Camps: Formatting the Manuscript

The Graduate College and the Center for Communication Excellence  invite you to a boot camp to guide you through the final formatting of your thesis or dissertation. Graduate students often struggle with this final step of preparing this document for submission to ProQuest, so let us help you! CCE writing consultants specialized in thesis/dissertation formatting will be at the boot camp sessions to assist you in modifying your document to meet the submission requirements for the Graduate College. All sessions will take place in Parks Library Computer Lab Room 134. 

These events will take place in a computer lab, so you may bring an electronic copy of your thesis/dissertation on a flashdrive or saved onto your own laptop. You may sign up for one or all of the boot camp sessions, but we ask that you do attend those for which you register, as seating is limited and demand is high. Registration is free to all ISU graduate students. For more information about thesis and dissertation requirements, consider attending a Graduate College Thesis/Dissertation Submission Guidelines Seminar. 

EARLY Dissertation/Thesis Format Check

The Graduate College and Center for Communication Excellence (CCE) encourage you to get an early start on developing the format for your dissertation/thesis. It is much easier to structure the format of your paper EARLY on in the writing process rather than near the completion of your paper.

What is an EARLY dissertation/thesis format check?

An EARLY check is a quick review of the format of your paper to see that you are off to a good start. The check is performed by trained writing consultants and covers content like the Title Page, the Table of Contents, and other preliminary pages, as well as the overall margins, chapter titles pages, etc. This is NOT a detailed editing session or a session where consultants will make the changes for you. Make a format check appointment with a CCE consultant or attend a formatting boot camp!

When should I do an EARLY dissertation/thesis format check?

You can do an EARLY dissertation/thesis format check as soon as you start writing your dissertation/thesis. If you are nearing graduation, you will want to schedule the check as soon as possible to avoid problems close to graduation deadlines.

How do I schedule an EARLY dissertation/thesis format check?

Make a format check appointment with a CCE consultant or attend a Dissertation/Thesis Boot Camp. It’s easy, it’s painless, and it will make your life much less stressful before graduation!

What should I expect in an EARLY dissertation/thesis format check?

The following is a list of items that will be reviewed in an EARLY dissertation/thesis format check. You can review the guidelines for these on the dissertation/thesis website then have a writing consultant check them for you. During the session, you can also ask questions about any problems you are experiencing while trying to format these areas.

Depending on how far the manuscript has progressed, items to check could include the following:

  • Title page
  • Table of Contents
  • Abstract (and whatever optional preliminary pages may be included)
  • Page number locations
  • Chapter title pages
  • Headings
  • Excessive white space
  • At least two lines of a paragraph at the bottom or top of a page
  • Overall margins

Make a format check appointment with a CCE consultant or attend a Dissertation/Thesis Boot Camp.

Past Events

Fall 2019 Dissertation/Thesis Writing Harbor

So you're supposed to be writing your dissertation/thesis, but you just can't find the time or space to make it happen. If this sounds familiar, join us at the writing harbor, where you'll find not only a secluded spot in the quiet downstairs of Parks Library, but also specialized writing assistance with your dissertation or thesis. We'll have CCE Thesis/Dissertation Writing Consultants on hand to help you as you traverse the dark and scary waters of the composing process. If you need no assistance, you can simply use this time to work away on your document in an uninterrupted, distraction-free space. Whatever your stage in the dissertation/thesis writing process (brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising), know you are welcome.

The event will be held December 6th 8am-12pm in Parks Library Room 32 (basement computer lab). Seats are limited, so be sure to register today!