Hear from Peer Review Group Members

Peer Review Groups (PRGs) bring students working on complementary research areas together across departments and programs so they can benefit from a variety of perspectives on their work. PRG members have found this beneficial saying, “it helps to have people with a different skill set, not just people in your field and major or lab group, review your work.” PRGs have been called by a participating member “a great experience to get your work critically reviewed as well as to learn how to give constructive critical feedback,” and “the best way to improve writing skills and abilities.” Students have also remarked that “it is very useful to become comfortable sharing your work with others and that it is a good motivator for continuing to make progress on your work.”

"Presenting work to graduate students outside of my subject area helped me find places in my writing where I was assuming too much about what the reader would know. I think feedback like this is extremely helpful in converting my writing from the kinds of things I would say to another member of my lab to the kinds of things that communicate my ideas clearly to a larger audience."

Allison, Chemistry Department

"PRG was a really useful experience. I was very impressed with my peers in the group. They could jump into a very complicated paper and help me write more logically. They made a real effort to understand, what is the point of this paper and if I was effectively stating that. In general, they were very knowledgeable. It is also very helpful to review other people's work so that you can see what mistakes are usually made and what is effective. The moderator also did a really good job with her knowledge of grammar and all the rules attached to difference writing styles. I think that my thesis was significantly improved by this group and I really enjoyed the experience."

Catherine DeLong, Soil Science, Agronomy Department

"Peer Review Groups are a valuable tool that help graduate students learn how to communicate their research clearly through writing."


"PRG is a good opportunity for all kinds of students to prepare themselves for writing an academic paper, share helpful comments and operate feedback."

Davood, Industrial Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department

"A great way to gain critical feedback on your work and to learn how to give constructive feedback to others."

Michael, Chemical Engineering, Chemical & Biological Engineering Department

"PRGs made research writing much less intimidating for me."

Mat, Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

"Do you still have questions about writing articles, reviews...? Come and join our PRG ASAP!"

Group Member from Animal Science