Initiatives and Projects

An interdisciplinary approach to developing an Automated Functional Language Extraction (AFLEX) system to transform the translation of STEM research to society. Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research in Data Driven Science. (2015-2018)

Developing genre models for job application materials: Cover Letter, Research Statement, and Teaching Phylosophy. Collaborative project with the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (2016-2018)

Validating the interpretation of TOEFL iBT® speaking scores for ITA screening and certification purposes. TOEFL® Committee of Examiners 2015 Research Program, Educational Testing Service. (2015-2017)

Research Writing Tutor. Computation Advisory Committee, Graduate College, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. (2010-14)

Language of writing in STEM disciplines. Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research. (2013-2014)

The grant writing challenge: Broader Impacts text analysis. Strengthening the Professoriate at ISU. (2012-2013)

Enhancing opportunities for English pronunciation practice and improvement. Computation Advisory Committee, Senior Vice President and Provost. (2011)

Helping international students develop effective oral English communication skills. Computation Advisory Committee, Senior Vice President and Provost. (2010)

Student research:

  • Graduate Peer Mentor Program: Exploring forms of disciplinary-specific writing support. (CELT Teaching-as-Research grant, 2016-2017, Jiaqi Yu and Nadia Jaramillo)
  • Scholarly writing stress and the effectiveness of trained graduate peer tutors. (CELT Teaching-as-Research grant, 2015-2016, Jenny Phan)
  • Argument-based approach to the validation of the OECT in support of R-Plat (Dissertation, Hyejin Yang)
  • Exploring learner perceptions of and behaviors using RWT (Dissertation, Sarah Huffman)
  • Automated analysis of learner’s research article writing and feedback generation through Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (Thesis, Deepan Prabhu Babu)
  • Online tutor for research writing (Thesis, Nandhini Ramaswamy)