The ability to give, receive and use constructive feedback on scholarly work is a critical part of becoming a professional in a research field. Qualifying exams often require students to obtain peer feedback on their work prior to submission while journals rely on peer review to determine when and if a manuscript can be published. Feedback prior to submission for publication can reduce communication deficits improving chances for acceptance.

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The Graduate Peer Review Groups offer students the opportunity to cultivate a supportive professional scholarly community while investing in the process of critical and constructive peer review. Sign up on our mailing list

Observe a Peer Review Group

Prospective members are invited to observe a group meeting at the start of each semester to see how the groups work and speak with current members. If you are interested in joining a writing group, consider observing one of our meetings (see our Calendar). You are welcome to observe a group regardless of the discipline. Email to observe a group. 

The groups are open to all ISU degree seeking graduate students. To be considered for participation, students must fulfill the following expectations:

  • participating in weekly meetings,
  • bringing communication-related work (e.g., writing, poster, presentation, etc.) for review as scheduled,
  • providing constructive feedback,
  • being professional and supportive.

Participation in a group does not require reviewing papers at home, creating written reviews, or sending papers to others. Each group consists of 5-10 students who commit to meeting 1.5 hours per week where papers are presented to the group for oral feedback and on the spot revision. More details on how groups work can be found here. Students from more than 28 graduate programs at ISU have participated in the groups.

Students interested in joining a Peer Review Group need to fill out an application. (Access the application link here). Applications are typically available at the start of each semester when groups are formed. Places in the groups are limited, and some students may be waitlisted.

Students interested in starting a new group for their discipline are encouraged to contact the Peer Review Groups' coordinator, Kelly Cunningham, at, as well as check out how a Peer Review Group works.

For information about Peer Review Groups for post-doctoral associates, please contact Annie Hawkins at