The Graduate Peer Mentor Program comprises multiple sets of expertise imparted by Disciplinary, Interdisciplinary, and English Writing Consultants, who offer one-on-one consultations and facilitate peer writing groups. Prepared through in-depth training, they assist with any type of research-related communication (e.g., thesis/dissertations, journal articles, proceedings papers, conference presentations and posters, etc.).

The Disciplinary Writing Consultants understand subject matter and are knowledgeable about the norms of writing in their field.

The Interdisciplinary Writing Consultants have a broad understanding of the writing conventions of different types of texts and assist students in various disciplines.

The English Writing Consultants possess expertise in English language teaching and provide writing support to international students in various disciplines.

The Thesis and Dissertation Writing Consultants are trained in helping graduate students across the disciplines plan, write, revise, or format their thesis or dissertation.  

All the consultants serve as networking representatives and ambassadors to the graduate student and post-doctoral communities in their departments and across campus.

NEW: Online Individual Consultations Available! To schedule an online consultation, send an email to your peer mentor after you schedule your appointment.

As the Graduate Peer Mentor Program grows, ISU departments and graduate programs can join this initiative by nominating and supporting a peer mentor to better serve the writing needs of their graduate students and postoctoral associates. [Contact Dr. Elena Cotos at for more information.]