AcComP Onboarding

The Onboarding for the AcComP Certification Track event is offered in the first semester of students’ graduate study at ISU. Onboarding enables students to make informed decisions as they project different stages in their progression to degree completion.

During Onboarding, students:

After Onboarding, students:

  • Receive holistic feedback from the CCE based on their writing sample
  • Receive a specific recommendation for CCE assistance to match individual writing needs
  • Receive an invitation to enroll in the AcComP Track. 

Students’ submission of writing samples, as well as the provision of feedback, recommendation, and enrollment invitation are facilitated through the AcComP Portal. In addition to students and the CCE, access to the AcComP Portal is granted to the students’ department personnel (e.g., Directors of Graduate Education or advisors) so that they can advise, maintain records, and build accountability as necessary and appropriate.