Suzanne Leonard

     Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Writing Consultant


     Office: 201 Sukup Hall

     Email: smleonar@iastate.edu



B.S. Biological Engineering, Agricultural Concentration, North Carolina State University

Research Areas

Animal production systems, swine housing and ventilation

Conference Presentations

Leonard, S., Xin, H., Brown-Brandl, T., Ramirez, B.C. (2018). “An image acquisition system for studying behaviors of sows and piglets in farrowing barns.” Paper presented at 10th International Livestock Environment Symposium 2018, Omaha, NE. Paper no. 018.

Leonard, S., Xin, H., Brown-Brandl, T., Stinn, J., Johnson, A., Liu, K. (2017). “Quantification of static and dynamic spaces for sows.” Presented at American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2017, Spokane, WA.

Honors and Awards

Henry Giese Memorial Scholarship (2019)

Miller Fellowship (2016-19)

Trinect Fellowship Program (2017-18)