Michael DuPont


     Thesis/Dissertation Writing Consultant

     Interdisciplinary Writing Consultant

     Office: 1137 Pearson Hall

     Email: dupont@iastate.edu



Ph.D. candidate, Education, Iowa State University

M.S. Educational Leadership Studies, Oklahoma State University

B.A. Theatre Arts, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Research Areas

Equity, diversity, and inclusion, graduate education, institutional theory, academic disciplines, qualitative methods


Tank, K., DuPont, M., & Estapa, A. (in press). An analysis of aspects that support implementation of high-quality engineering design within the elementary classroom. School Science and Math. Special Issue.

Wise, T., Jones, T., McGee, I, & DuPont, M. (2018) Who belongs? Immigrants, refugees, migrants, and actions towards justice: A conversation with Tim Wise. Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis 7(1).

Perez, R. & DuPont, M. (2017) Book Review; The graduate school mess: What caused it and how we can fix it. Teachers College Record.

Conference Presentations

DuPont, M., Gowen, G., & Perez, R. (2018). Reinforcement and Subversion of Gender Scripts. ACPA 2018, Houston, TX.

DuPont, M., Gowen, G. & Hemer, K. (2017). Education and the Complexity of its Mission, Vision, and Purpose. NASPA IV-West 2017. Lincoln, NE.

Tank, K & DuPont, M (2017). What Makes an Effective Engineering Design Lesson? Iowa Academy of Science 2017. Ankeny, IA.

Stewart, R. & DuPont, M. (2017). Writing a Diversity Statement. Preparing Future Faculty. Ames, IA.

DuPont, M. (2017). Resistance within the Publication Process: An Editor's Reflection from a Peer-Reviewed, Social Justice Journal. GPSRC 2017. Ames, IA.